We love doing the right thing and helping people!
Our business is getting businesses’ income taxes done right and helping all the people involved!


Our Story

Kurtz & Company has evolved into a business income tax only niche CPA firm working on all of the federal, state and international income tax aspects of companies contemplating, planning, implementing and maintaining business strategies, operations, accounting, ownership and/or financing.



We do the detail work and participate in the discussions and meetings involving:

(a) the income tax accounting for financial reporting purposes

(b) federal and state income tax filing deadlines and other requirements

(c) analysis and implementation of the income tax work that needs to be done

(d) then coordinating and working with clients’ accountants, managers, executives, attorneys, consultants and advisors, making sure all the income tax aspects are being handled and communicated on a timely basis.


Our Strengths

(i) Our attention to detail.

(ii) Bringing people together.

(iii) Getting the work done, whatever it is, such as:

(a) Handling depreciation for hundreds of fixed assets.

(b) Determining costs that can be expensed.

(c) Determining costs that have to be capitalized, whether such capitalized costs can be depreciated or amortized, if/when such capitalized costs can be written off.

(d) Analyzing for book/tax timing differences and the effects on income tax payments and income tax accounting and reporting in the financial statements.

(e) Analysis of earnings and profits to determine reporting of dividends to shareholders of REITs and corporations.

(f) Research and analysis regarding partnership taxable income (loss) allocations, transfers of partnership interests and partnership mergers.

(g) Research and analysis regarding corporate acquisitions, dispositions and reorganizations.

(h) Due diligence.